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Winter tires Calgary | Calgary winter tires | Winter tires in Calgary

Summer & Winter Tires in Calgary

Quality Tires for Safety and Security

Whatever your driving style or choice of vehicle, Pro Tire Performance Center can recommend the tire that will do the best job of keeping your family safe and secure on the road. Your safety is our biggest concern! We carry the latest products on display in our showroom for your shopping convenience!


At Pro Tire we carry all major brands of tires, as well as some private label brands. Whether it’s a performance tire, a long-lasting all season tire, or a quality winter tire, we have a product that will properly fit your vehicle, your needs and your budget.

Below is a list of our brand name suppliers. By selecting the desired logo you will be redirected to each supplier website. After browsing, come and visit our showroom to see the products and make an informed buying decision.

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Important Things to Consider When Purchasing Tires

Load Rating

Every tire comes stamped with a number, which signifies a load index. The vehicle and tire manufacturers have determined, based on the weight and performance of the vehicle, the tires’ proper load carrying capability, as well as a built-in safety margin. The selected tires are installed as Original Equipment (O.E.). A good rule of thumb for safety is to never install tires that have a lower load rating index than called for by O.E.

Tire Speed Rating

Likewise, based on the vehicle’s performance and handling capabilities, a speed rating is assigned to each tire in order to ensure proper vehicle control in all conditions. This speed rating should be kept the same or increased in order to provide maximum control in demanding situations.

Types of Tires

Manufacturers produce various types of tires for specific uses and conditions. It is important to understand the difference in performance offered by each:

Performance/Summer Tires

  • High speed rating and stiffer sidewalls generate power through cornering, as well as responsive braking and handling.
  • Have a shorter tread life than standard tires, but provide a spirited, enthusiastic driving pleasure.
  • Exhibit compromised traction in cold weather and winter conditions (winter tires recommended).

Our Calgary Winter Tires

  • Our performance winter tires in Calgary offer great handling and braking while providing a good level of traction on wet, dry and snowy conditions.
  • Ice compound tires feature a multi-cell compound with a very soft tread to provide maximum grip on slick, icy surfaces and snow. They offer excellent traction, but tread life and vehicle handling are reduced.

All Season Tires

  • Deliver a comfortable ride and longer tread life, with reasonable driving performance but  compromised winter traction and safety.

Competition Tires

  • Offer a very firm sidewall design and a smooth outer tread for extreme cornering and braking in a racing environment.
  • Tread depth is 50% less than street performance tires (usually shaved) for maximum tread flexing under stress.
  • Designed to dissipate heat build-up at high speeds.

Light Truck Tires

  • Feature sturdy sidewalls to support loads, as well as more aggressive open-tread designs to provide traction in demanding conditions.
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