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Comments from Our Satisfied Customers in Calgary

“Professional, friendly attitude”

I have now had these winter wheels / tires on my GTI for a month now. They look great and ride with ultra- smoothness; the wheel balancing job was first class. However the icing on the cake was how Ralph handled the deal with a professional, friendly attitude. There was not a question or concern that he could not answer. What he recommended met exactly what I needed. Thank you to Pro Tire and particularly Ralph Schulz. -Maurice E.

“Wish I had found you sooner!”

Thanks for the expert advice, top notch balancing and installation, and for being seriously concerned with finding the right setup for my car. Before I found Pro Tire I wasted huge amounts of time in many other Calgary tire shops, including a 'specialty' performance shop that proved to be less than special, trying to find what you've had all along. I wish I had found you sooner! Any of the other tire/wheel shops can sell products and labour, but none can offer your combination of expertise, integrity and genuine passion for getting it perfect. For those of us who understand the importance of having the correct tires or tire/wheel combination on our vehicle, and having the installation done with care and precision, Pro Tire is the answer.

It's as simple as that! -Dave M.

“Top notch service and reasonable prices”

I have relied upon Pro Tire for my tire purchases and tire and wheel servicing for over 20 years. I have found Pro Tire to offer top notch service, reasonable prices and excellent advice. All of the work done on the tires for my cars has been done correctly the first time. When I am driving out of town at highway speeds I can have complete confidence that the tires and wheels on my car are properly mounted, appropriate for my car and my needs and, most importantly, have been inspected by Pro Tire every time I am in for service or to make a purchase. Pro Tire will ensure that my tires are not too old, that they have sufficient tread depth remaining for my expected use until I am due for service again, and the proper load rating and speed rating for my needs. If my brakes need inspection by a brake professional, Pro Tire will advise me to get that done if the wheels are taken off my car for any reason during servicing. Pro Tire will not sell you tires that are inappropriate for your requirements and will advise you about what you do need to fit your car, whether Pro Tire can supply that tire or not. When you buy tires, you need expert advice; you get that at Pro Tire every time you go in to buy tires or have service work done on your tires or wheels. You can rely on it. -Michael S.

“Quality tires, rims and service”

I have been dealing with Ralph at Pro Tire for 20 years and he has supplied quality tires, alloy rims and service for my Audis and Acura MDX. Whether it’s winter tires or rims, Pro Tire’s pricing is fair and competitive. Ralph’s honesty and knowledge of tires is priceless. I would recommend Pro Tire to all car enthusiasts. -David M.

“Individualized service”

I have been a customer of Pro Tire for more than 20 years and I have always been impressed with the knowledge, care and service that I have received. Ralph has been ever ready to supply his honest advice regarding my wheel and/or tire needs and I have never been disappointed. In a world where individualized service seems to be an ever-fading ideal, Pro Tire stands out with their commitment to their customers. Try them and you will not be disappointed! -Bruce M.

“Expert advice and great service”

I have been dealing with Ralph at Pro Tire for well over 10 years for all my tire needs. During this time I have received expert advice and great service, all at a fair price. If integrity and trust are important to you when purchasing new tires, Pro Tire will not disappoint you. -Robin I.

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