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Calgary Alloy Wheels, Custom Wheels & More

Custom wheels to fit your car or SUV is what we’re really known for and our specialty. Wheels can add many functions and benefits to a vehicle, as well as adding beauty and reflecting the owner’s personality. Let Pro Tire Performance Center help you to choose the right wheel for your ride. We offer special order wheels tailored to fit your car to provide the perfect look.

Alloy Wheels in Calgary

Depending upon their intended use, high grade alloy wheels can greatly enhance vehicle drivability while providing other cosmetic benefits. Lighter weight wheels provide improved braking and acceleration and usually have a more exact tolerance, requiring less wheel weight to balance the tires. The result is a smoother, more refined ride and driving experience!

Winter alloy wheels are similar to summer wheels; however, they do not have delicate exterior finishes, which can become corroded due to exposure to salt, sand and snow. The best styles are those which have a painted or clear coat finish. Also, choose a wheel with a more open style to allow dirt and debris to be washed out more easily, preserving the finish and providing better durability.


The following is a list of some of the most popular wheel brands we carry. If you are looking for a brand you don’t see here, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it. A large part of our business is winter wheel and tire packages. As a benefit to you we can suggest winter alloys that stand up well through winter conditions and are easy to clean and maintain. We also have steel rims for those on a budget. For vehicles equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, it is recommended that TPMS sensors be installed in winter packages in order to ensure safe operation. Pro Tire Performance Center has the right sensors available to match your specific application. Trust the winter wheel and tire experts!

Factors to Consider

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing wheels for your car or SUV:

Width of Wheels

  • Will determine the size of tire that is acceptable for a specific application.
  • Wider wheels create a larger footprint and provide more stability (summer use).

Offset of Wheels

  • This allows you to position the wheel more outward or inward, depending on requirements or preference.
  • Having the proper offset ensures proper vehicle handling and improves cosmetic appearance.
  • Cars equipped with larger brakes require special wheels that can clear the brake calipers.

Size of Wheels

  • The “plus” concept is achieved when you install a larger diameter rim that is over O.E. size along with a lower profile tire.
  • Larger wheels with shorter sidewalls generate a modern look but also increase braking and handling.

Finish of Wheels

  • Wheels are available in many shades, including black, silver, chrome and more.
  • Choice of finish is the owner’s personal preference as to the intended look for the car.
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