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Ultra Shine

Make Your Ride Shine in Calgary with Quality Detailing Products

Pro Tire Calgary has a large inventory of automotive accessories and car care products available in our store every day. From car dusters and tire gauges to licence plate frames and windshield wipers, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when you visit our shop in Calgary.

Ultra Shine n’ Seal Waterless Car Wash

After much time spent and careful research, we have found the perfect car care/detailing solution for our clients to apply on their cars for maximum beauty and preservation. This product is Ultra Shine n’ Seal.

Manufactured for use in Europe on exotic autos such as Rolls Royce, Shine n’ Seal quickly became renowned in North America among the finest car enthusiasts and professional detailers. Natural ingredients, combined with exceptional results, have made Ultra Shine n’ Seal the only choice for the avid car lover! Because Pro Tire is a wholesale/retail stocking dealer we cater to a broad scope of clients. From a car owner to a shop needing large quantities, we have whatever you desire!

  • Perfect for cleaning cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Can also be used in the home on furniture, silver, windows, chrome, stainless or any other non-porous surfaces.

Waterless wash & shine


  • Cleans and waxes in 1 easy step and lasts for months
  • Natural polymer compound leaves a high-gloss shine without surface damage
  • Powerful surfactants lift and encapsulate grime and dirt away from paint
  • Removes surface swirls and scratches, leaving a smooth finish behind
  • Removes graffiti and overspray
  • Cleans dirt, road grime, bug marks and bird droppings
  • User-friendly and safe for the environment
  • Fresh pina colada scent to avoid unpleasant after-odor

Tire and Trim

Tire and Trim is a product that complements the Waterless Car Wash. Now that your car is clean and shiny, give the tires and dull-looking trim a fresh and beautiful appearance! It is made from a natural-based formula that contains lanolin. Any porous surface can absorb impurities, leading to yellowing or a brownish-appearing discoloration. Tire and Trim cleans and reconditions to improve the appearance and feel of the surface being treated.

Tire & trim


  • Protects against sun, smog, ozone and water
  • Conditions while promoting natural shine and luster
  • Removes oxidization, dirt, waxy residue and surface film
  • Covers scuffs, marks and light scratches
  • Restores color and sheen
  • Prevents fading, drying and cracking
  • Can be used on vinyl, rubber, plastic and flat finishes
  • Long lasting, water resistant finish
  • One easy step to apply
  • For use on mouldings, louvers, bumpers, window trim, door handles, plastic engine covers and any exterior vinyl or plastic surfaces

Leather & Vinyl

This unique formula protects and conditions leather and vinyl, leaving a beautiful satin or matte finish. It helps to prevent hardening, which causes cracking and fading.

Leather & vinyl


  • Through a combination of cleaning agents and conditioners it provides lasting protection against heat, ozone and ultraviolet rays
  • Made with lanolin
  • Contains no silicone or harsh ingredients
  • Soothes and breathes new life into older leather and vinyl
  • Releases oils to restore moisture; conditions new leather to maintain durability
  • Can be used on autos, furniture, purses, etc.

Odor Eater

Odor Eater is a breakthrough product that doesn’t just mask odors, it traps and eliminates them on a microscopic level. Developed originally for use in hospitals and health care facilities, it is now available for home, car, office and RV use. Odor Eater destroys odors using powerful enzymes. It is also safe for use around children and pets.

Odor eater

How it works

The product cleans the air you breathe. It penetrates into the pores of fabric, rubber and even hard surfaces to eliminate odors naturally. The blend of unique enzymes and chemicals is fast, effective and safe for the environment, leaving only CO² and water as by-products. It will not harm fabrics and is a biodegradable formula.


Odor Eater can be used in kitchens and restrooms, trash receptacles, pet areas, RVs, barns and corrals, boats, cars, public transportation vehicles and any other area where bad odors occur. It has a slight lemon scent to give you a natural, healthy breathing environment.

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